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I don't know if this is hand drawn but the picture itself is beautiful. The sky to me makes me think they're flying under some snowy ar...


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Vullaby Paleo Forme by PerfectChaos22 Vullaby Paleo Forme :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 6 2 Paleo Nidoking Size Comparision by PerfectChaos22 Paleo Nidoking Size Comparision :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 3 7 Girafarig Paleo Forme (Female) by PerfectChaos22 Girafarig Paleo Forme (Female) :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 4 0 Girafarig Paleo Forme (Male) by PerfectChaos22 Girafarig Paleo Forme (Male) :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 5 0 Paleo Donphan size comparision by PerfectChaos22 Paleo Donphan size comparision :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 4 7 Fakemon: Flareminga by PerfectChaos22 Fakemon: Flareminga :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 4 0 Fakemon: Wolverougue by PerfectChaos22 Fakemon: Wolverougue :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 9 22 Fakemon: Nurshar by PerfectChaos22 Fakemon: Nurshar :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 5 23 Fakemon: Dromaevian by PerfectChaos22 Fakemon: Dromaevian :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 7 5 Paleo NidoqueenNidoking Size Comparision by PerfectChaos22 Paleo NidoqueenNidoking Size Comparision :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 6 2 Nidoqueen Paleo Forme by PerfectChaos22 Nidoqueen Paleo Forme :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 8 4 Nidorina Paleo Forme by PerfectChaos22 Nidorina Paleo Forme :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 5 2 Pokemon Diamond team so far by PerfectChaos22 Pokemon Diamond team so far :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 4 25 Nidoran (Female) Paleo Forme by PerfectChaos22 Nidoran (Female) Paleo Forme :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 5 0 Nidoking Paleo Forme by PerfectChaos22 Nidoking Paleo Forme :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 7 4 Nidorino Paleo Forme by PerfectChaos22 Nidorino Paleo Forme :iconperfectchaos22:PerfectChaos22 5 0



Vullaby Paleo Forme
An ancient variant of Vullaby that takes inspiration from Argentavis, a prehistoric condor as well as a few other things. This variant of Vullaby lived during the Pleistocene. Like modern Vullaby it protects itself by wearing the bones of its prey. Its appetite is ravenous, it fed on the bodies of large deceased Pokémon like Mamoswine but also fed on something else, their very soul(s). Paleo Vullaby absorb the souls and spiritual/life energy of dying and deceased Pokémon they come across, they do this to help prepare for evolution as well as for additional sustenance. On dark nights, it and its evolved form Mandibuzz gather together at mass gravesites and let out wicked calls and cries that draw in spirits for them to feed on, when a Vullaby absorbs too much spiritual energy at once, it regurgitates a black substance that's like tar, it can spit this black liquid at will as means of defense but it's often left over in massive gatherings in the form of large puddles & pools, sometimes other Pokémon get stuck in it and are unable to escape.  

Name: Vullaby
Species: Diapered Pokémon
Height: 3'9
Weight: 24.5 lbs
Typing: Ghost type  Flying type 
Ability: Cursed Body

Ominous Wind
Shadow Claw
Perish Song
Shadow Force
Shadow Bone
Sludge Bomb
So I've been watching Wrecked on TBS and I like the show as it's coming to its end and, I'm just gonna come out and say it but the Pirate leader Barracuda, I would spawn with her if you catch my drift *wink wink*, I'm SO jealous of Steve right now :I
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I made a Journal but now the time once again has come. Today's topic will be Pokémon but not just you're typical Pokémon, today we'll be talking about Paleo Pokémon.

Glad you asked. To be simple, think of Alolan Formes, Pokémon that have adapted to a new environment and have THEREFORE changed in some physical way to help cope with their new habitat like Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales for example. To better adapt and fit in with the cold and icy Mount Lanakila in Alola, Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales lost their Fire Typing and became an Ice Type, turning from red and orange to a beautiful snowy white color, they even became part Fairy Type. Vulpix and Ninetales aren't the only examples, in Alola, there are currently 20 Pokémon that are from the region of Kanto who have adapted to Alola's various habitats and have changed form to better adapt but there may be more, possibly Pokémon from other regions like Johto for example, who knows?. Back onto Paleo Pokémon, Paleo Pokémon are somewhat similar to Alolan Forms, they're both examples of Pokémon adapting and changing to better themselves in their current habitat but the thing that makes Paleo Pokémon different is that, these changes occurred in Pokémon's ancient distant past. In our world, the real world, the Earth went through many phases, there was the time when insects ruled the Earth (The Carboniferous Era) then there was a time where reptiles and dinosaurs ruled the Earth (The Mesozoic Era) and then there was time where the Earth grew cold and animals like Woolly Mammoths and Woolly Rhinos, Saber Toothed Cats and Dire Wolves took over the mantle as the Dominant Species, we often called that era the "Ice Age". In these various times, there were many animals that were around in that time but looked remarkably different, for example, in the Mesozoic, there were giant turtles, giant crocodiles and birds that had teeth and claws, there were even things like giant frogs and literal sea serpents (Mosasaurs) . Go forward after the Mesozoic and you hit the Cenezoic Era or the Age of Mammals, there were sloths the size of elephants, there were bears that were larger than  Grizzly and Polar bears, there were giant camels as tall as Giraffes at one point, there were even giant birds like Argentavis, a giant prehistoric condor with a 30ft wingspan and nearly as tall as a man, but there were also giant flightless birds, popularly known as "Terror Birds" that were 7ft tall and ran down and devoured prey as big as horses and we all know about Woolly Mammoths and Saber Toothed Cats and stuff like that and if you go backwards past the Cenezoic and Mesozoic, you'll reach some really odd time periods which had some REALLY weird and terrifying creatures *Shudders at the fact that there were foot long cockroaches at one point in Earth's past*.

Okay, if you're smart or have been paying attention you may be seeing what I'm trying to say. Like in our world, the Pokémon World went through phases in its Time Period that mirror some of the Time Periods in our world and the animals that lived in that time differed as time went by, some of which we'll never be seen alive again, like the dinosaurs or Mammoths, well that is if the Korea Mammoth cloning project doesn't work but different topic. So to simplify, Paleo Pokémon are ancient variations or forms of modern Pokémon from the Pokémon Earth's past, definition wise can't get any more simpler than that, but that's just the surface, on a deeper level, it's a tad more complex.

WHERE DO PALEO POKEMON FIT IN POKEMON'S LORE AND HISTORY: Okay, so now it's WHERE these Paleo Pokémon were. Well, simply, many of these forms can be traced back to the time known as said before, the "Ice Age" or called other names like The Pleistocene, The Age of Mammals, whichever rolls off your tongue best, most people better known the Age of Mammals (Cenezoic) as simply the "Ice Age" well, you tell me. Many if not all the Paleo Pokémon can be traced back to living in this era, the Ice Age was an event that is canon in Pokémon's history as several Pokedex Entries say it occurred, the three examples are....

Image result for regice sprite   Regice

Regice's body was made during an Ice Age. The deep-frozen body can't be melted, even by fire. This Pokémon controls frigid air of minus 328 degrees F.

Image result for vanillish spriteVanillish

Snowy mountains are this Pokémon's habitat. During an ancient ice age, they moved to southern areas

This Pokémon has existed since the Ice Age. It controls particles of ice, freezes its opponents, and then shatters them with a headbutt.

Related imageMamoswine

Its impressive tusks are made of ice. The population thinned when it turned warm after the ice age.

It flourished worldwide during the ice age but its population declined when the masses of ice began to dwindle.

When the temperature rose at the end of the ice age, most Mamoswine disappeared.

Okay so you get the idea, there WAS an Ice Age in Pokémon's history. This is about when animals such as the Woolly Mammoth and Saber Tooth were around and therefore, this is where many of the Paleo Pokémon could have been found but like Mamoswine, when the Ice Age ended, they all vanished well not entirely, they vanished but left behind modern descendants which I'll get to in a minute.

Okay it's been a minute so essentially what I'm inferring is that, Paleo Pokémon are the ancient past forms of modern Pokémon which gave rise to many Pokémon. so here's an example

This is a Rhyhorn

 Image result for rhyhorn 

And THIS is a prehistoric (Paleo) Rhyhorn

Rhyhorn: Paleo Forme by PerfectChaos22

Now overall, they're not too different, one is just hairier. Paleo Pokémon like Alolan forms don't stray too far from their overall design, the Rhyhorn above is made for more rugged and hot areas like Savannahs, mountains, Rugged Terrain while the Rhyhorn below is made for the cold, a key hint to that is that it's covered in fur, these were the Rhyhorn that lived during the Ice Age and simply, as the ice melted, the Rhyhorn bellow vanished only for the Rhyhorn above to take its place.

That's the most simplistic tale, there are more "Drastic transformations" like take Nidoking

Image result for nidoking

This is Nidking we know now well, standing at 4ft, Poison/Ground. Now, go back in time and THIS is the Nidking you would encounter.

Nidoking Paleo Forme by PerfectChaos22
At a whopping 9ft, Poison/Steel, it was the ruler of its time period which happened to be the Ice Age. Now a long time ago, the Nidoking below would have been the Nidoking you would have found in the distant past but as the weather and other factors occurred like the disappearance or shortage of large prey like Mamoswine, it vanished but not completely, the Nidoking above is the result of the Paleo Nidoking vanishing.

So Okay, you should have a good idea of what Paleo Pokémon are and where their place in time now is, now you need to understand is, how would you be able to obtain these kind of Pokémon.

HOW TO OBTAIN PALEO POKEMON: The way of obtaining a Paleo Pokémon is at the moment, kind of inconclusive at the moment. What I do know is that, you can't a normal Pokémon to evolve into a Paleo Pokémon like, you can't make regular Rhyhorn evolve into Paleo Rhyhorn or Vice Versa, just like how regular Meowth/Persian can't evolve into Alolan Meowth/Persian or vice versa again, it doesn't work like that at all, both may be related as one came from the other but the two are still their own species, another thing, what makes Paleo Pokémon different than Alolan forms is that, there's Paleo Pre-evolutions to go with the evolutions of Paleo Pokémon okay in case you didn't understand that, there's Alolan Marowak, but there's no Alolan Cubone, there's Alolan Exeggutor but there's no Alolan Exeggute you see? with Paleo Pokémon, there's not only Paleo Nidoking but Paleo Nidorino and Paleo Nidoran(Male), there's a complete and unique evolutionary stage line to Paleo Pokémon. In terms of how to get a Paleo Pokémon, I've come up with many ideas but haven't fully settled on one (I'll update this journal or create a new one the moment I do settle on a method of obtaining Paleo Pokémon), my favorite idea is the ability to find Paleo Pokémon frozen in glaciers and you being able to break them free via IDK an item or a move like Rock Smash and after doing so, you're able to battle and capture them. Other ideas I had include a game mechanic in which you can dig for their fossils like in the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum games but maybe instead in a mine, you find their fossils in ice and the description would be like.

" An ancient fossil from a Pokémon of the past, it bears an striking resemblance to "..." "

IDK how the fossils would look like to be honest, still working it out. Another idea was that maybe you the player could go back in time to the time these Paleo Pokémon lived and capture in their natural habitat like regular Pokémon, perhaps you're given or allowed to use a Time Machine that can send you back to the distant past, If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them.

Conclusion: The past is filled with extraordinary creatures and things that are amazing and awe-inspiring now as well as amazing back then and it's astonishing to know that they even existed and it would have been even more incredible to see them in the flesh. Though the past has left and taken its wonder with it, it leaves behind a minagory of things to fuel our imaginations and to ignite our passion to learn more about the world we live in and what inhabited it long before our time. Though we may not be able to see the dinosaurs of the Mesozoic, or the mammoths and Saber tooths of the Ice Age, or the Neaderthal and Cro-Magnon of the distant age of man, what they left behind tells us a wonderful tale that'll awe generations to come and as time passes, we'll make new discoveries that'll shake the foundations of history and not only re-mold the past but may give us insight on how our future will come, that is the purpose of the past, it's a strong and powerful force that's worth looking for and exploring with open passion and heart so I encourage all to move forward but every once in a while, take a step back and see what was before.

P.S: These forms, someday, I will make these forms real....Also if you have any questions about Paleo Pokémon leave it down in the comment section below
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Sharpedokeisha (Sharkeisha, Shar...pick one) Team
Not to be confused with the real Sharkeisha, this is Sharpedokeisha, or Shar, an OC of mine. She's from Alola as you can guess and this is her full team.

Araquanid sprite Araquanid: ♂ Level 63
Moveset: Leech Life, Scald, X-scissor, Ice Beam
 #553 Krookodile Krookodile:♀ Level 63
Moveset: Crunch, Outrage, Earthquake, Sludge Bomb
 #763 Tsareena Tsareena: ♀  Level 63
Moveset: Trop Kick, Leaf Storm, Acrobatics, High Jump Kick
#105' Alolan Marowak Marowak: ♀  Level 63
Moveset: Flare Blitz, Shadow Bone, Brutal Swing, Hex
#319 Sharpedo Sharpedo:♂  Level 65
Moveset: Poison Fang, Night Slash, Giga Impact, Ice Fang
Holding: Waterium Z

Create your own trainer (And credit goes to) here:…
Here's a somewhat disturbing thought

What if Ultra Sun and Moon does some The Mist shit and has a town completely overrun by Ultra Beasts?


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Hi, I'm willing to help and befriend anyone here who seeks and wants to. I tend to post my ideas, as well my art here as well.

My Pokémon OC Plz Icons

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