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I don't know if this is hand drawn but the picture itself is beautiful. The sky to me makes me think they're flying under some snowy ar...


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Monster couples

A request by :iconkittylaughs:, hope you like it and sorry it took so long

Also credit to :icondaizua123: as I think some of these characters are his
Monsters vs Aliens: The Missing Link
I was watching Monsters vs. Aliens and after watching the entire movie, I was inspired to draw the characters but make them more monstrous and somewhat realistic and the first character I drew was the Missing Link, he reminds me a lot of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and that's definitely where he gets his inspiration from.Design wise I wanted to make him bulky and intimidating to fit the ego link had which wasn't really big or subtle but like a nice slightly above neutral ego, I also gave him a collar just to try and emphasis how much of a monster he really is so um onto his Bio

Codename: The Missing Link
Gender: Male
Species: Prehistoric amphibious humanoid creature
Height: 3 meters (9-10ft tall)
Weight: 7-8 tons
Abilities: Excellent swimmer and surprisingly quick and agile on land, tremendous strength, jaws strong enough to bite through metal, skin resistant to some high powered firearms


Bio: The Missing Link is a prehistoric fish ape creature  that was discovered frozen in a block of ice somewhere in the Artic. His body was taken and thawed out by scientists but the creature, being in state of suspended animation awoke after being thawed out and escaped, killing many of the scientists in the process. After escaping he headed off to a nearby beach and went on a violent rampage, killing and devouring several dozen people. After a long battle with the Military and Coast Guard, the Missing Link was captured and locked away by a secret government agency that captures and houses monsters. Studies on the beasts have shown that The Missing Link is somewhat intelligent and can understand human language, he was even taught to speak English. Aside from his vicious nature, The Missing Link has shown to be very prideful and tends to boast about his strength and power, his primary meal is fish but he also has a taste for human flesh. When the Extraterrestrial known as Gallaxhar invaded the Planet Earth, Link was one of the few monsters deployed by W.R. Monger to fight the alien threat due to his great strength, agility and ferocity. The Missing Link is easily one of Area 5-*Gets shot with a tranquilizer dart and falls to the ground*

Pokemon OC: Fitzscott
Ok so this an idea that I had that I'm still working out which I call a Battle Biome. Battle Biomes are to summarize are terrains that can be used during battle that give the Pokémon of the corresponding type an advantage by making the battlefield more suited to the Pokémon's type....essentially it's like an Electric Terrain or Misty Terrain with extra steps.

Okay now onto some personal facts about Fitzscott. Fitzscott's is a novel writer, he spends most of his time writing stories and books. He enjoys all forms of literature and has many written works published under his name which is the source of his income. Fitzscott often compares Pokémon Battles to writing, saying at times it's a long complicated process or at times where it flows smoothly as if every stepped were already planned. Fitzscott's preferred type is Normal Types, often comparing them and many Pokémon to blank pages wanting to be filled. The pen he carries is the one he uses when he writes and is also used to trigger the effects of the Normal Battle Biome during a Pokémon battle.

Those who defeat him in battle are given the Normal Biome Gem, when used in battle, all Normal Type Pokémon's STATS are boosted by 2 stages and all Normal Type moves have a higher chance of Critical Hits

Examples of Pokémon he uses

Gallinamby STAT Base Total
The BST (Base Stat Total) for my Fakemon Gallinamby ( To summarize, it's really frail in terms of Defense, Base and Special Defense but sorta makes up for it with its very high speed, it also has a somewhat low Attack power, my strttegy for it would be not to depend on it, I would send it out first and use its high speed to outspeed most opponents and basically get off as most damage as possible before it essentially gets one shotted, overall a somewhat frail Pokémon with I guess bellow average attack but blessed with remarkable speed that can be sent out first to deal the first attacks
Guess who's been reading Animorphs, so if I had the power to morph these are the animals I would have

Saltwater or Nile Crocodile
Cassowary *Closest thing to a dinosaur*
African Water Buffalo
Komodo Dragon
Reticulated Python
Mantis Shrimp
Great White, Tiger or Bull Shark
Mountain Lion
Gaboon Viper
Bighorn Sheep
Mekong Giant Catfish *Those things are HUGE*
Scimitar Ibex
Andean Condor
Golden Eagle
Sperm Whale
Rhinoceros Beetle


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Hi, I'm willing to help and befriend anyone here who seeks and wants to. I tend to post my ideas, as well my art here as well.

My Pokémon OC Plz Icons

:iconlugiaprimeplz: :iconmrsaurianplz: :iconkichitaleplz: :iconpokemonhuntressplz: :icontrainerkyamiplz:

:icontrainerkashiplz: :iconpokemonhikariplz:


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GodzillaDanger101 Featured By Owner 33 minutes ago  Student Artist
Ok, so let's start ( for Thomas) with what all the BioSaurs have:

Ankylo Body Armor
Tree Frog Temperature control (and I assume the ability to climb up surfaces?)
PerfectChaos22 Featured By Owner 30 minutes ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ankylo armor and a pterosaur body most likely wouldn't mix too well, it'd be too heavy to fly
GodzillaDanger101 Featured By Owner 26 minutes ago  Student Artist
Well, the BioSaurs have body armor of any sort. Doesn't have to be Ankylo. Maybe Croc armor?

Also, got candidates.
PerfectChaos22 Featured By Owner 14 minutes ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Crocodile would be a bit better
(1 Reply)
GodzillaDanger101 Featured By Owner 5 hours ago  Student Artist
Shall we figure out Thomas' hybrid dinosaur form?
PerfectChaos22 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
What did you have in mind
GodzillaDanger101 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Student Artist
Well, something that can match Dom, not just on land, but more so in the air.

Btw, you see the Genosaurus?
PerfectChaos22 Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So, a Pterosaur?
(1 Reply)
GodzillaDanger101 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Student Artist
Does that mean, since the first row of teeth are visible, and the second row is inside the mouth?
PerfectChaos22 Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I suppose
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